About raising yourself

“Let’s change the parenting narrative so that it’s no longer just about the raising of our children, but also about the raising of ourselves.” – Shelly Robinson

“Motherhood has been the hardest and holiest work because my kids are reflecting back to me what I’ve yet to resolve within myself.” – shelly


Hi! I’m Shelly Robinson. I’m so glad you’re here. 

I’m a mom of two, founder of Raising Yourself, certified family wellness coach, author of the Rebirth Journal, and creator behind the Connected Collection, a powerful bundle of transformational parenting tools. 

I’m also a lover of tacos, coffee enthusiast, Enneagram 2, ENFJ, and a neuro-spicy (hello ADHD diagnosis at 43 years old), homeschooling mama. My top three values are authenticity, humor, and integrity. 

My Story:

Over a decade ago as a new mom, I viscerally recall leaving a restaurant with my screaming, thrashing 2-year-old, and instead of being concerned with how consciously I responded or how I supported his emotional needs in that moment, I was horrified that perfect strangers in this establishment would think I was a “bad mom” who didn’t have her kid “under control.”

Back then, I unconsciously believed that a child’s behavior was a reflection of how well (or not) someone parented.


That scene in the restaurant was the beginning of an unraveling for me. I remember leaving that day wondering why I unconsciously prioritized caring so much about what a bunch of people whom I didn’t know thought about me over-tending to my child’s emotional distress. Oof.

Since then, I have taken my lived and professional experience as a coach and mother and made it my mission to educate and equip parents with the knowledge, tools, and support they deserve to reparent themselves, break cycles, and better understand the relationship between their childhoods and the way they parent.

Learn more about the collection of parenting tools I’ve curated to help you grow a new way of parenting.


Get to Know the Raising Yourself Gardening Method

Often, the work of raising yourself, connecting with your inner child, and being a safe emotional container for your children can feel a little…Abstract? Out there? Woo woo? After all, if these things weren’t modeled for us, it makes sense that they feel a little foreign. 

Believe me, I get it. Personally, I understand the world around me so much more deeply with metaphors and analogies. That’s why I created the Raising Yourself gardening method to help you build a visual bridge between the work you’re doing and how it relates to growing a beautiful family. 

We all want the blossoming, thriving flowers that come with the garden, right? But what makes the garden (family) beautiful is our willingness to roll up our sleeves, re-till our (inner) landscapes, and pull out the weeds that are keeping us stuck in disempowering patterns. That is the work of Raising Ourselves. And, I am here to support you every step of the way. Take a look at this short video to learn more about the framework of Raising Yourself.

Let’s create an empowering generational blueprint for our children to inherit rooted in unconditional love, acceptance, and respect

Conventional, authoritarian parenting is rooted in hierarchy and power where the onus is mostly on the child to behave and control their emotions, but rarely on the parent to reciprocate that responsibility. 

The framework of Raising Yourself is rooted in the mindset that parenting is holistic and circular, meaning that, as parents, yes, we are leaning into our wisdom and lived experience to guide our children, but ALSO: we are, at the same time, allowing our children to reveal to us the wounds of our childhood that we don’t want to pass on to them.




Raising emotionally resilient and unconditionally loved children starts and ends with us. Before we ask our children to learn how to regulate their emotions, be vulnerable and brave, or radically accept themselves, we must model what that looks like first.


With the solid foundation of parents who are committed to re-tilling their own inner landscape, you are now equipped to create new, empowering generational patterns for your children to inherit.


One of the most overlooked pillars of conscious parenting is the practice of connecting with and reparenting your inner child – that younger part of you who inherited narratives and beliefs that no longer serve you as an adult or parent.



connected collection

Get the support you deserve with the Connected Collection, a powerful bundle of parenting tools that will give you exactly what you need to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and with your child. 

What’s Included: 

  • 50 (physical) Connected Kid conversation cards;
  • Dozens of online activities to supplement the cards; and
  • 100 page workbook called Reparenting the Younger You