They’re Here to Teach Us – Are We Willing to Learn?

Hi! I’m Shelly Robinson, the heart and soul behind Raising Yourself. I am so glad you’re here.

When I first became a mom, I remember being so thrilled about the opportunity to teach my children all the things I wanted them to know. I was bubbling over with wisdom I wanted to impart, lessons I wanted to teach. Oh, I thought I knew so much.

Now, nearly a decade into this parenting gig, I have learned that they had far more to teach me than I had to teach them. Admittedly, it took me many years to start ‘receiving’ their holy little lessons. As I became more conscious about my own triggers and reactions, it began to feel like I was raising myself right alongside my children.

Your child is here to show you something about yourself. Look into their eyes and discover the road home to you.

Shelly Robinson

I believe that motherhood is a journey that has the power to help us evolve and transform. It’s also a humbling process of learning to take cues from our children on where we still have room to heal and grow. This is the courageous and compassionate work of Raising Yourself.

Through my 1:1 coaching programs and family workshops, it is my mission to help mothers look within to understand their own patterns and belief systems, and how these childhood wounds can spill over into how we parent. It takes immense courage to confront parenting patterns that don’t serve us or our children and I consider it a privilege to be on this journey of Raising Yourself together.

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