Less Yelling & More Compassion

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If you’re the kind of parent who lays in bed at night, beating yourself up for losing your $%#@ too many times during the day, promising to “do better” tomorrow, only to find yourself yelling again at breakfast…

Know that you’re in wonderful company. (I’ve been there too many times to count!)


Learn how to identify your triggers

and respond compassionately instead of reacting harshly to your child;

Discover how to create a kinder inner dialogue

so that the way you speak to yourself matches the way you want to speak to your child;

Become a compassionate and curious detective

by peeling back the layers of both your behavior and your child’s so you can break the cycle of yelling once and for all.

The Cycle of Yelling is Broken

when we learn to stop yelling at ourselves. It always starts with us.

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Ring True

“I absolutely Love this guide.”

“I’ve realized a lot of my outbursts are due to my needs not being acknowledged, let alone met, so I’m loving what you’ve shared in here. Every day, I do my cheat sheet in the journal which is incredibly helpful. The focus on my personal values definitely inspires my tone for the day.” – Sarah D.

“This is a really amazing guide that you’ve provided!”

“It’s definitely what I’ve been looking for. I’ve been noticing many patterns (that I learned from my parents) that are coming out and that I’m learning to break using your guide.” -Leesa

In The Guide, You Will:


Define and discover your own personal values and learn how they create a solid foundation that will keep you anchored when trying to compassionately de-escalate conflicts with your child.


Through the prompts and exercises included in this workbook, you’ll begin to connect the dots between how well your needs have – or have not – been met and how that influences the way you parent.


The most effective way to break the cycle of yelling and threatening is to tune into your parenting triggers. You’ll learn how to move from angrily reacting to compassionately responding by identifying and understanding where your rage is coming from.


The prompts inside in this guide will help you to quiet your inner gremlin by teaching you how to rewire your brain to seek and out celebrate the things you’re doing well! After all, what you focus on expands, so let’s focus on your wins!

rewrite your parenting narrative

“I have been following your Instagram page for a few months now.”

“My daughter shared this guide with me and now I’m sharing it with my niece and anyone else I think could benefit from your work! It is so informative! Thank you for sharing this important information.” – Kaley

I’m so enjoying working through this workbook.”

“I’m a mom of four and am currently working on breaking the generational habit of how I talk to my loved ones and how I cope with stress.” – Bri

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“I truly love this workbook”

“…and I’m on a journey of being kind to myself thanks to your work. This guide has been a great eye-opener for me.” – Jo

Shelly Robinson

About The Author

Shelly Robinson is the founder of Raising Yourself and a certified family wellness coach for parents who want to break cycles and raise themselves alongside their children.

Her passion is to empower and educate parents on how to reparent themselves, disrupt generational patterns, and take radically good care of their needs.