Shelly Robinson

Hi! I’m Shelly Robinson, a holistic family wellness coach + workshop facilitator + conscious parenting advocate and my mission is to teach busy, midlife moms how to kick negative parenting patterns to the curb by teaching them the art and science of creating new habits; how to build conscious connection with their children; and most importantly, how to take radically good care of themselves. 

Really, mama, it's about finding the road back to you - someone you may have lost in the midst of motherhood. I know I did.

By becoming students of all our children have to teach us (yes, I'm talking about the small humans who get ragey when you forgot to cut off their crust), we cultivate a willingness to disrupt patterns, habits and belief systems we don't want to pass on to them.

Here at Raising Yourself, it is my passion to:

  • Provide a safe, empowering and uplifting community of support and love;
  • Offer helpful, snackable, evidence-based tools + resources;
  • Remind you that you are worthy of investing in yourself;
  • Help you to activate the awareness and healing of your inner child;
  • Teach you how your ego plays a role in your daily triggers;
  • Cheer you on and celebrate all you have to offer this world as a woman and a mother.

A Lil' About Me

Professionally, I've coached and supported hundreds of moms in some capacity for nearly a decade. Prior to immersing myself into the world of “raising yourself” I was a wellness coach and ran a self-care subscription box for moms. I always have been and always will be on #teammom.

As I got further into my own parenting journey, I couldn't deny the pull I felt toward supporting moms in what can feel like the lonely and overwhelming journey of motherhood.

And I wouldn't have felt that had I not experienced it myself. After having my second child, I began to feel more alone and anxious about motherhood than ever. I was convinced I was messing up my kids and lived in a constant mental state of scarcity and negativity. Of course, when feeding your brain with a barrage of "never good enough" mantras, that will naturally spill over into how you parent. It definitely did for me.

What I discovered in my own transformation was that the tools, research, and strategies I employed for helping women live healthier and happier lives translated almost seamlessly into becoming a more conscious parent and person. That's because in both areas of life it all comes down to mindset.

I believe my health and wellness background offers me a unique lens into parenting because there are endless behavioral connections and correlations behind why we numb our feelings with wine and mini Snickers and why we yell at our children. They're all breakable habits if you're willing to go within and heal the wounds that are crying out for attention.

Fun Facts

I’m a mom to two kind, loving & spunky young people who are the inspo behind my work. I'm married to a rock star husband who’s a huge part of my biz, my margarita partner in crime, and helps to keep me grounded when life throws me a curve-ball or three.

I identify as a highly sensitive person (HSP), choose to see the best in people, and never met a kombucha that I didn't like. I'm also an ENFJ + Enneagram 2 for anyone into personality tests.

As a family, we love green juice, romping in the woods, epic games of Twister, my famous homemade fudge, homeschooling, and our Friday night pizza tradition. We believe that love wins, laughter is life, and that we are all here to help each other grow.

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