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The Family Values Vision Board workshop is a 2-hour event that will help you to define your family’s values and mission statement.

One of the things I’m most passionate about is helping families define their values.

Why? Because whether we’re consciously aware of it or not, we inherited values from our childhood that deeply influence how we parent today. While some of those values may certainly be worthy of keeping, perhaps some of them we never truly identified with, or maybe we’ve outgrown some of them as we awaken to our own convictions on this parenting journey.

Knowing one’s family values instills a sense of stability, confidence, and unshakable love into children by providing them with a sense of meaning and identity, giving them the feeling of being part of something important and special.

You'll leave this powerful experience with:

  • A beautifully crafted vision board with your family's mission and values clearly reflected;
  • A training packet that will offer activities and strategies for how to bring your values to life in real and tangible ways;
  • A deeper connection and closeness with your children;
  • A renewed sense of clarity on what your family stands for.

This workshop is designed for the entire family to attend and is most appropriate for ages 5-12. All materials will be provided.

Upcoming Central Ohio Workshop Dates

  • April 19, New Albany Girl Scouts Troop (Postponed)
  • June 13, Recess Homeschool Group  (Registration opens soon)

How to Schedule A Workshop
I'm currently booking workshops for spring and summer 2020 and would love to support you in empowering the families in your community. If your group, organization, school or business is interested in booking this workshop, please contact me here to learn more.