Raising Yourself

As my temper rose and my heartbeat quickened, I found myself unable to control my anger as my 8-year-old son and I intensely debated whether he would take his dreaded shower before or after dinner. (for moms of children who hate showers - SOLIDARITY and HUGS).

I don't know who began yelling first, but things escalated quickly and before I knew it, my 8-year-old self was suddenly battling my 8-year-old son as if I had rocketed back to a place in time where I felt powerless. Unseen. Unheard. That little girl was scared and suddenly that fear turned into a weapon I was wielding against my son.

Why had I indulged my anger and allowed myself to lose control?

Insert the shame soundtrack that would continue to play on repeat the rest of the day as I whipped myself with negative self-talk and heaps of guilt. This was a typical way of life for me before stumbling upon the transformational work of what I call Raising Yourself.

I define Raising Yourself as the art and discipline of cultivating awareness about your own parental triggers and reactions to prevent passing on toxic behaviors and patterns to your own children. It’s about creating more compassion, consciousness, and connection at home.

Raising Yourself Creates:

  • Less fighting and fewer tears between you and your child;
  • Less losing your patience and consequently beating yourself up;
  • Less feeling exasperated, angry and overwhelmed because motherhood just feels hard;
  • More nurturing and intentional care for you;
  • More ease, flow, and harmony within your family;
  • More empathy, grace, and forgiveness of yourself and your children.

It’s a significant shift away from the conventional parenting paradigm and a powerful pivot toward confronting our egos so that we can parent with an emphasis on connection to ourselves and our kids.  

To be clear, it's not about perfect parenting - because that doesn't exist. It's an intentional evolution for the entire family.

Raising Yourself is for everyone. Whether you had a magical childhood or a traumatic one, somewhere along the way you picked up the message that you're not good enough. Or worthy enough. Or skinny enough. Or smart enough. We all ingested these lies at some point and we're still carrying them around like they're the gospel truth, subconsciously allowing them to spill over into how we parent.

So buckle up and get ready to reclaim YOU. The little girl who's begging to come back out and be her true self before the world told her she couldn't. And watch the blessings ripple across your entire family.