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50 Connected Kid Cards

Online Activities Library

Reparenting E-Book

Who It’s for

The connected collection is for parents who want to:



Strengthen the relationship with their child



Help their child to build emotional resilience



Reparent themselves and break generational cycles



Instill empowering truths into their child’s heart



Foster a healthy and secure attachment with their child



Better understand how their childhood influences the way they parent

What’s Included

What's Included

Cards for a stronger connection

A beautiful and affirming set of 50 physical cards that will give you the language, guidance, and confidence to weave love, security, and safety into your child’s heart for a lifetime.
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Use these cards anytime, anywhere to increase the connection between you and your child. You can use the cards in your own way, at your own pace, and wherever you are in the world, from the breakfast table, in the carpool line, to couch snuggles, or waiting at the doctor’s office.

The cards are divided into six overarching categories: Unconditional Love; Being Seen and Heard; Mistakes & Apologies; Self-Trust; Emotional Wellness; Bodily Autonomy & Positivity.

The front of each card contains a phrase or affirmation that you can share with your child, while the back of each card includes a supplemental script that you can use as needed. Additionally, you’ll find a QR code on the back of each new category card that you can scan from your phone to access the supplemental online activities.

Exclusive Online Activities

The online activities are designed to equip parents and caregivers with practical, tried and true, real-life activities to bring these phrases and affirmations to life in fun and tangible ways.
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That’s why I created an exclusive, Connected Collection website, where I’ve carefully and consciously curated all of my favorite, easy-to-implement activities, helping you to reinforce these messages in memorable ways with your child. Important note: the activities do not require you to invest any extra money and can be implemented using items you likely already have around your house!

Reparenting The Younger You Workbook

A 100-page digital workbook is designed to help you gently and purposefully begin connecting the dots between how you were raised and how you parent.
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Like the cards, this workbook is divided into the same six categories so you can begin to rewrite those narratives for yourself and raise yourself right alongside your child.

Note: If you prefer not to print this off, it also comes with a fully editable PDF version so you can enter your answers from your favorite device.

The Connected Kid Collection is a beautiful tool to strengthen your relationship with your children and family. My children love engaging in these activities and as their mother, I feel empowered and supported in this important work with these tools. The Connected Collection is a gift to yourself, your children, your family, and all the generations that will come after. -Abbey Williams, MSW, LSW

The Connected Kid Collection is much more than a set of cards. The cards act as a springboard for what we want our child to know about relationships and navigating our humanity. The Activities provide ways to connect with our children and take action on these core ideas. The Reparenting workbook is a wonderful way for me as a parent to reflect and dig deeper into the reasons why I show up the way I do in my relationship with my children. –Julie Walter, Founder of Family Yields


“How we speak to our children today sets the bar for how they expect to be spoken to later in life. Let’s speak love.” 

6 Connected Kid Card Categories

Unconditional Love

Unconditional Love

Seen and Heard

Being Seen and Heard

Mistakes & Apologies

Mistakes & Apologies

Self Trust

Self Trust

Emotional Wellness

Emotional Wellness

Bodily Autonomy

Bodily Autonomy & Positivity




Raising emotionally resilient and unconditionally loved children starts and ends with us. Before we ask our children to learn how to regulate their emotions, be vulnerable and brave, or radically accept themselves, we must model what that looks like first. Allow each truth in the Connected Kid Cards to gently reveal to you where you still have room to grow in how you relate to and see yourself.

Your Child


With the solid foundation of parents who are committed to re-tilling their own inner landscape, you are now equipped to create new, empowering generational patterns for your children to inherit. The truths contained within each card and online activity will help to instill in your children an unshakable sense of self-worth and self-love that will ripple across future generations.

Your inner child


One of the most overlooked pillars of conscious parenting is the practice of connecting with and reparenting your inner child. I created the Reparenting the Younger You Digital Workbook to offer parents a soft landing place to connect with Younger You and unpack your feelings or epiphanies that may have arisen from using the Connected Kid cards.

The Connected Collection is such an inviting, gentle approach to engage with your kiddos. It was so fun to read them with my little ones. The questions sparked their curiosity and many conversations and the activities were engaging and fun! They each pick one after school now — it’s become a sweet part of our afternoon routine and a great way to connect at the end of the day.

Simi Botic

These are so lovely! Who knew healing could come in a box? These cards and activities open up great conversations–ones we might not otherwise be having in exactly this way–and I’m often surprised to hear what’s resonating for my child. They help me understand her better and be the parent she needs me to be.
Sarah Moore

The Connected Collection is incredible. The cards have great, simple statements that are easy to remember in stressful moments as a parent. The activities are where the bonus magic is, though. I am excited to get started on our family’s BRAVE Board (I already know the first thing I’m going to invite my oldest kid to put on it). And the Mental Health Menu will benefit all of us. Thank you, Shelly, for these incredible resources.

Naomi Gottlieb-Miller

Upon opening up the cards, I loved how much warmth and joy I received from reading the quotes. I loved how my kids would get excited to see what each card would say and then ask follow-up questions after reading through both sides. The activities were a hit with my kids as well. The Reparenting workbook has been so good for my inner child who is always looking for ways to be loved on, seen, and heard. Highly recommend these cards and all the gems that go along with them!

Dayna Ciarfalia

The Story Behind the Connected Collection

Twelve years ago when I became a mother, I was determined to raise my kids with an unshakeable and unconditional love that they could count on for a lifetime. A love with no strings attached.

Younger You Workbook

So, in between diaper changes, growing my business, laundry, cleaning, evolving, and more laundry, I spent the next dozen years curating what I consider to be the most validating, affirming, and loving conversation starters we could have with our kids.

I decided to take this labor of love and turn it into something that I absolutely know will help parents across the world cultivate a deep and meaningful relationship with their children.


I couldn’t just stop at the cards. In addition to the physical Connected Kid Cards, you’ll also receive a 100-page digital workbook entitled: Reparenting the Younger You. Inside, you’ll be invited to gently and intentionally connect the dots between how you were raised, how you parent today, and what you can do to release the baggage you don’t want to pass on.

By doing this inner work with the younger version of yourself, you’ll be better equipped to integrate these cards into your family life from a place of healing and wholeness within.


How does the Reparenting Workbook compare to the Rebirth Journal?

Good news if you’ve already purchased the “Rebirth Journal!” The Reparenting Workbook and Rebirth Journal are intentionally different in that I created the Reparenting Workbook to align specifically with the Conversation Cards.

There are six overarching categories in the cards: (Unconditional Love, Being Seen and Heard, Mistakes & Apologies, Self-Trust, Emotional Wellness, and Bodily Autonomy) and the Reparenting Workbook is designed to help you take a deeper dive into each of those topics by helping you uncover and overwrite any unhealthy narratives you may have picked up about those in your childhood.

The Reparenting Workbook is also focused even more on inner child work and healing and how that relates to how we parent. It’s about twice as long as the Rebirth Journal and is meant to be used at a pace and frequency that make the most sense for your own healing and growth.

Learn more in the FAQ topic below…

When/how do I use the Reparenting workbook?

The Reparenting the Younger You digital workbook is something you can do whenever you’re ready. You don’t need to do this workbook at the same time as using the cards. While they are meant to complement each other, they can be used independently of each other in whatever way and order feel the best to you.

Note: If you prefer not to print this off, it also comes with a fully editable PDF version so you can enter your answers from your favorite device.

Learn more in the FAQ topic above.

Are the products available to purchase separately?

The Connected Kid Collection can only be purchased as a set of three products. Each resource (the cards, the activities, and the workbook) is designed to complement the other in real and impactful ways for both the parent and the child.

what are the shipping costs?
Shipping within the United States is FREE.
Shipping outside the U.S. is offered at a discounted rate (Canada $5 and outside U.S. and Canada $7).
Do you ship internationally?

Yes! We are excited to equip as many parents in the world as possible with the Connected Kid Collection! We currently ship to 55 different countries supporting door-to-door tracking through USPS first class international shipping. Note: Due to the ongoing conflict in Ukraine, Russia isn’t accepting any packages until further notice.

To confirm if we ship to your country, simply click any Purchase button on this page. You will find a list of Countries to choose from on the next page.

How do I give the Connected Collection as a gift?

When you go to check out, click the “I’m sending this as a gift” button, and be sure to enter the recipient’s address for the “Shipping Address”.

Any parent who wants to wire their children (and their inner child) for unconditional love and emotional resilience would benefit from and appreciate receiving the Connected Collection as a gift!

When will I receive my products?

The Connected Kid Collection includes three different (physical and digital) products:

  1. Connected Kid Conversation Cards: depending on where you live in the world, you can expect to receive the Cards in 2-5 business days for US shipments and 1-3 weeks for outside the US. They are mailed out 1-2 business days from the time of purchase.
  2. Exclusive Online Activities: the online activities that accompany the cards are emailed to you immediately upon purchase.
  3. Reparenting the Younger Workbook: your digital workbook is emailed to you immediately upon purchase.
What is your return policy?

The digital products in the collection are sent immediately after payment and therefore we’re unable to offer refunds on the Connected Kid Collection. If the conversation cards are lost or damaged in the mail, we will happily send you a replacement.

Shelly Robinson


Shelly Robinson is the founder of Raising Yourself and a certified family wellness coach for parents who want to break cycles and raise themselves alongside their children.

Her passion is to empower and educate parents on how to reparent themselves, disrupt generational patterns, and take radically good care of their needs.


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