Raising Yourself 101

One of the most foundational pillars of consciously and responsively raising our children is learning how to walk our talk.

It’s about being humble enough to compassionately notice the gaps in our own lives where we’re asking our kids to do things we’ve yet to master ourselves. I always say that children are like our holy, little life coaches shining a light on our wounds that are still asking to be healed.

It is my sincerest hope that the content on this page offers you the tools, guidance, and support you deserve as you learn to raise yourself alongside your children.

Why Backtalk is so Triggering

Why Backtalk is so Triggering

Uncover why a child “talking back” can make us see red, and learn how to stop taking it personally so you can operate from a place of compassionate curiosity.

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Are you ready to cultivate a deeper relationship with yourself and your child? The Connected Kid Collection has you covered.