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How to begin reparenting yourself

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what's behind our yelling

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confronting our mom rage

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befriending your nervous system

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Raising Yourself is not about…

Blaming or shaming your parents

Being ungrateful about the healthy parts of your childhood 

Thinking that you are “broken” and need to be fixed

Raising Yourself is actually about…

Giving yourself what you didn’t receive as a child 

Liberating the (inner) child for the child/ren in front of you 

Taking radical responsibility for your own behavior

Getting compassionately curious about your triggers

Anger Was My Gateway to Gentle Parenting

Sounds a little contradictory, right? I know. I used to think so, too. In the conscious parenting space, we are consistently invited to view our children’s behavior as a form of communication. We are gently reminded that our child’s unsavory behavior is often the result of an unmet need. Makes sense, right? I’ve always been on board with that…at least for my child.
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When I went to apply that mindset to myself, I couldn’t seem to embrace it…at least not at first.

It took me many years to really get that if I wanted to respond to my child’s anger (or whatever intense emotion they were experiencing) with compassion and curiosity, then I needed to learn to respond to my OWN anger in the same way first.

I had to untangle the shame I’d attached to my anger for so many years. I had to give my rage a safe place to exhale. I don’t know that I ever would have done that without having children who were like holy little mirrors that revealed to me the wounds I had yet to heal.

It starts with you

One of the most powerful parenting epiphanies that I’ve downloaded into my heart and mind over the years has been the humbling realization that it is never my job to control my child’s emotions; rather, it IS my job to control and regulate my own emotions. I would argue that learning to de-escalate our intense emotions alongside our child’s escalating feelings is one of the most important parenting skills we can learn. Oof. Easier said than done, right? 

Yet, this is where the magic happens. Aligning our own behavior to the behavior we ask of our children is truly the most effective and compassionate way to guide the next generation. After all, kids aren’t willing to learn what we aren’t willing to model. 

So, let’s roll up our sleeves together, yank out the weeds that are keeping us stuck in the very parenting patterns we swore we wouldn’t pass on, and create an empowering generational blueprint for our children to inherit. 

You deserve to be supported on this journey. Discover the tools and resources I’ve created to help you plant the seeds that will one day grow a thriving garden. Are you ready to grow a new way of parenting?

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