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My Philosophy

Step by Step, Oh Baby (cue New Kids on the Block)

Baby Steps If I had to sum up my wellness philosophy in two words, it would be BABY STEPS.

While I believe a baby-step approach can be beneficial to anyone trying to improve her health, I believe it’s crucial for moms to adopt this way of making changes when trying to lose weight and get healthy.

We have such small pockets of time available to us each day, the thought of making big, sweeping, complicated changes almost always sets us up for failure.

In the blink of an eye, weeks, months, and years go by and we still find ourselves standing in the exact same place we started. Instead of losing weight, all we’ve really lost is money, momentum, and in many cases, our confidence.

By starting out small, you give yourself a chance to build upon one mini-win after another, giving yourself the fuel and confidence you need to keep going.

Over time, these small changes result in monumental transformation. You just have to love and respect your body enough to give it the time it needs to make these changes, on its own terms.

Let Pleasure Fuel You

I also believe that enjoying the changes you’re making is KEY to helping you maintain a new and healthy lifestyle. That’s not to say you won’t have to make some sacrifices. As moms, we already know that anything worth having (read: babies) can be painful, uncomfortable, and even scary at times.

you do you But whenever possible, I encourage my clients to choose healthy habits that make you go YUM. Whether it’s an exercise class you enjoy, a new smoothie you like, or a self-care regimen that makes your body hum, all I’m saying is you do YOU. Stop following ALL the rules and discover what makes you thrive.

Mindset Matters

Pop Quiz Time!

Q: What is the most powerful thing that occupies the roughly 6 inches between your ears, weighs an average of 3 pounds, and has the power to dictate your health and your life?

A: Yo’ brain. 🙂

Your mindset is the powerful lens through which you see yourself and the world, the beliefs that guide your choices, and one of the MOST influential factors in whether or not you maintain long-term weight loss.

When I was going through my own health issues (infertility, adrenal fatigue, snail-like metabolism, sluggish thyroid, obsessive food-rule following, just to name a few) I read everything I could get my hands on to “fix myself.”

I could recite the most random and detailed nutrition stats on the planet. But guess what?

I still ended up in front the fridge with a can of cool whip and jar of peanut butter after the kids were in bed.

My knowledge did not translate into power.

What I discovered through my own experience and education is that the power to change is orchestrated through your mind(set).

I also found out along the way that I wasn’t broken – and neither are you. Cross my heart.

The Magic of Possibility

Look, it’s so easy to watch the news, throw our hands in the air, and conclude, “what’s the point?” I couldn’t possibly make a difference in this jacked up world.


If I did, I wouldn’t get out of bed in the morning, quite frankly. And, I definitely wouldn’t be pursuing my passion for helping moms reclaim their health, live their best life, and serve the children they love.

I believe in POSSIBILITY. It’s a treasure buried deep inside all of us. We are born with it.

I watch my children, who think anything is possible. I bet yours do, too. Because if they’re young enough, not enough people or institutions have told them what’s impossible (yet). So, they still believe in the magic of possibility.

The exciting news is, we can retrain our brains to believe that again, too (see: Mindset Matters above)

I invite you to be the spark for change in your life, your children’s, and your family’s. Then sit back and watch it ripple across the world. The results will amaze you. Promise. You’ve got this, mama.