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Truth #2: You’ve Gotta Act, Mama

Welcome back to my new 3-part series, “3 Powerful Mompreneur Truths that Lead to Weight Loss.” 

In Day 1 of this series, I shared with you how raising babies and businesses requires us to go into debt, whether it be sleep debt, emotional debt, financial debt or any other number of sacrifices we make as moms pursuing our passions while potty training.

Now, let’s dive into that second mompreneur truth that will help amplify your health even more!

Truth #2: Action is EVERYTHING

This is truly the mantra I live by when it comes to, well…everything. In fact, my husband would even argue that I am sometimes even a little too action-oriented (read: impulsive). 😉

While I would certainly never recommend reckless action, I would always recommend doing SOMETHING over doing NOTHING in just about every situation. As in, done is better than perfect

And if you’re going to do nothing, it should be an intentional “nothing” (like, I’m taking the day off because I know I need to recharge, versus an apathetic “nothing” where you throw your hands in the air and quit out of frustration).

There are three key reasons I believe action is so incredibly important when it comes to your health.

Action creates momentum

If you’re familiar with my philosophy, then you know by now that I’m all about baby steps.

Generally speaking, I don’t believe in big sweeping changes that are often required in detoxes, diets or cleanses. It’s too much for our brains and bodies to manage and sustain over the long haul.

So, what does this have to do with action? Well, everything.

By identifying one small and doable step that you’re going to take to improve your health you are taking action. And, that action creates an unstoppable force called momentum that propels you into taking your next baby step. And your next. And, your next.

One of the most self-destructive things we can do with our health (or our business) is to let the overwhelming amount of “expert advice” out there paralyze us from making a positive change in our life.

That said, I can absolutely appreciate the struggle.

I used to deal with it for years in both my health and my business. I had so many experts all up in my inbox (often with conflicting advice) that my brain felt it had no other choice than to shut down with overwhelm.

The result? I would be left feeling stuck, hopeless, and utterly confused.

Then, one day it hit me that being paralyzed was getting me NOWHERE in my health. In fact, I would argue it was even taking me backwards.

So, I didn’t completely discount the advice I was getting. Instead, I would pick out a piece or two of advice that resonated with me in that moment (by listening to my wise inner voice – you have one too) and pursuing that until I felt comfortable moving on to my next step forward.

There’s something so tangible about the energy that weaves its way into your life when you stop dodging and start DOING.

Action punches fear in the face  

There’s a universal force that lives inside all of us – even the most successful people in the world – called fear. I’m sure you’re familiar.

Guess what fear hates?


Fear LOVES it when we feel overwhelmed and stuck. That’s exactly where fear wants us to stay. Fear is delighted when it sees us cowered in a corner drowning in brownie batter watching reruns of House of Cards or scrolling through social media until midnight. Fear is happiest when we do nothing.

So, you can probably guess what makes fear cower in ITS own corner?


Maybe you’re feeling like there’s SO much to do to improve your health, lose weight, or increase your energy, you don’t know where to start. START SOMEWHERE.

Instead of looking to another book or dietician for where to start, though, look inside. You know where to begin.

Where’s an area of your health that clearly needs attention? Sleep? Food? Exercise? Choose one of those and focus on that, until you’re ready to move on to the next step.


When you take action – even it’s action that leads to a mistake that you’ll inevitably learn from – the power of fear is diluted in a major way. Which leads me to my third and final point about the power of action…

Action reveals wisdom

Here’s what your learn when you do nothing. Nothing.

Here’s what you learn when you do something. Everything.

By taking action, you learn from your mistakes. You uncover insights you would have never gained by laying on the couch all night feeling sorry for yourself.

Just last week, I learned that I love kickboxing. Like, I freaking love it. And, I had no idea!

And, the reason I was able to make that discovery is because I agreed to be an accountability buddy with a friend who wanted to work out together, and discovered in one of the workouts that I was apparently born to be the next Karate Kid. Wax on, wax off… 😉

So, take that first step.

And, start to notice, listen, and learn what your body enjoys when it comes to food, movement, and self-care. What your mind enjoys reading, thinking about, and pursuing. What your spirit enjoys being connected to, how it wants to experience love, and what activities help it experience nurturing and growth.

If you’ve learned something new about yourself, I would love to hear about it in the comments! Did you discover a new type of music that makes your heart happy? Did you fall in love with a food you’d never tried before? Were you surprised when you found out how relaxed you felt after being quiet for 5 minutes in nature? Please let me know in the comments! We are in this together. 🙂

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