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Is your holiday to-do list crushing you? Here are 3 ways to fix that.

I wanted to start a conversation about an international epidemic that is sucking the life out of moms across the world. I’m talking about…

Your to-do list.

More precisely, your holiday to-do list.

Let’s be real. As busy moms raising families and nurturing businesses, our to-do lists are always a little cray-cray, amiright?

But *this* time of year, our to-do lists seem to be on steroids as we attempt to juggle school events, shop for gifts, host parties, wipe runny noses, and oh…keep our businesses afloat in Q4 while trying to remember diapers at the store.

And what takes a back seat to all of this? Most often, it’s our health (okay, sometimes I forget to brush my teeth). #keepingitreal

Since our health is our wealth (in business + in life), I don’t want that for you!

What’s the Cost of a Harry Scary To-Do List?

I’m glad you asked. You should know that an overwhelming to-do list that causes you heart palpitations (I always used to picture mine as a constant avalanche falling on my head), has the power to send you straight to the cookie jar for relief.

The stress of your list also causes your body to produce that icky poo-poo hormone called cortisol, causing us to hang on to more belly fat and crave sugar.

And, just to really reinforce this point, an overwhelming to-do list causes our IQ to drop. ZOINKS. Ain’t no mama got time for brain fog.

So, what’s a girl to do?

Here are 3 actionable things you can start doing TODAY that will produce a list that helps you feel more inspired and less tired.

Focus On Your Outcomes

It’s easy to get wrapped up in the granular details of what we want to cross off our lists (I LOVE me some list-checking!) and lose sight of why we’re even doing what we’re doing! So, before you write down each task, first capture the outcome you’re striving for by doing these tasks.

Do you want meals prepared in advance so you have healthier choices available for your family?

Do you want to lose weight so you have more energy to chase your kids?

Do you want to feel more comfortable in your own skin?

Do you want more sales, more engagement, more email subscribers? (the outcomes can be focused on a mix of family, biz, health or whatever you want!)

Pay Yo’self First

I know it goes against the grain of our hyper-productive goal-setting mama minds, but for the love of avocados I implore you to schedule down time into your schedule.

Because we know if it’s not scheduled, then it’s not gonna happen. If you don’t rest your body & brain, you’ll have nothing left to give your family or your business, and if I know you (and I think that I do) ;), I know that’s not what you’re aiming for.

Integrate FUN

Okay, this seems like it would be so easy, but sometimes it’s so hard! This week, I would invite you to take off your serious pants and slip on your fun pants to make sure you’re enjoying your work and your health.

I realize not every single task on our lists will be rainbows & roses, but whenever possible, make your activities fun! Your body, babies and business will thank you!

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