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Why stress made my hair fall out (a vulnerable share)

I stepped out of a long overdue, hot and luxurious shower, feeling refreshed and human again after a brutal two-week stint with sick kids and little sleep.  There is something about water that cleanses you from the inside out, making you believe Рif only for a minute Рthat you CAN remain upright until bedtime.

As I combed out my tangly, wet and wavy hair, I stopped dead in my tracks. I wiped off the steamy mirror to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

Is your holiday to-do list crushing you? Here are 3 ways to fix that.

I wanted to start a conversation about an international epidemic that is sucking the life out of moms across the world. I’m talking about…

3 Ways to Automate Your Mompreneur Chore Life (so you can focus on your health + your biz)

Let’s face it.

No one likes chores. I mean, we get on our kiddos for not doing theirs, but truth be told…we dread the vacuuming and the dusting just as much as they do.