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Healthy Thinking

Are You Healthy-ISH? (don’t worry, it’s a good thing!)

A couple weeks ago I had the opportunity to tag along with my son and his kindergarten class on a field trip to our city’s Museum of Art.

The 5 Steps to End Sugar Addiction

I am honored to introduce you to Alegra Loewenstein who is giving you the scoop on how to end sugar addiction through these doable and effective strategies! 

Habits are an essential part of being human. It is how we manage the immense number of decisions we have to make every day. Habits help us get things done efficiently. Habits often help us maintain our health, perform in a career, and create social relationships we enjoy!

My top 4 beverages to fight the afternoon crash

In this short video, I talk about my top 4 recommended beverages to fight the afternoon energy crash!

Why stress made my hair fall out (a vulnerable share)

I stepped out of a long overdue, hot and luxurious shower, feeling refreshed and human again after a brutal two-week stint with sick kids and little sleep.  There is something about water that cleanses you from the inside out, making you believe – if only for a minute – that you CAN remain upright until bedtime.

As I combed out my tangly, wet and wavy hair, I stopped dead in my tracks. I wiped off the steamy mirror to make sure I wasn’t hallucinating.

Is your holiday to-do list crushing you? Here are 3 ways to fix that.

I wanted to start a conversation about an international epidemic that is sucking the life out of moms across the world. I’m talking about…

Dear Summer Body: I’m Over It.

Dear Summer Body,

As the “season of skin” approaches, I sense your fear, your desire to cower in the corner, ashamed of your tummy, your thighs, and the battle scars you earned from two unexpected c-sections.

Don’t Judge Judy Yourself

At the end of a long day full of tantrums, snuggles and poop on the wall (my day today), does this scene sound familiar?

“OH. MY. GOD. I cannot believe I just ate ALL of that.