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Shelly Robinson

Raise Your Hand If …

Harry Potter Baby You’ve got little roomies who have the Harry Potter-like power to simultaneously melt your heart, but make your pants fit a little tighter than you’d prefer?

GOOD NEWS. You’re in the right place.

I mean, we can’t place the blame squarely on our beautiful babes when it comes to our health (or can we?).

But let’s be real.

Having kids makes losing weight, getting in shape, and feeling confident in our bodies…well…TRICKY.

I’d venture to say that you can relate to some (if not all) of the struggles moms face when it comes to losing weight, reclaiming your health, and finding peace after having children.

Let’s Start Here – Check All That Apply

I’m here because I…

  • Don’t have enough time to get healthy
  • Rely on caffeine to get through each day
  • Have picky eaters who only eat Pirate’s Booty
  • I love sugar…like, a lot
  • I feel ashamed of my body
  • I know WHAT to do, I just don’t know HOW to do it

I get it. I have two kiddos at home who are my world.

But the struggle to take charge of your health when little minions are tugging at your leg as you try to prepare a healthy meal, meditate (yea right!), attempt a workout DVD, or assume a downward facing dog pose can be both adorable and FREAKING HARD.

That’s where I come in.

I’m on a mission to help busy moms JUST LIKE YOU get unstuck, reclaim your health, and rock a life you love, one baby step at a time.

My jam is helping you design a sustainable lifestyle that makes losing weight, boosting your energy, and discovering your wellness “sweet spot” inevitable.

In fact, you can feel free to think of me as your personal lifestyle healthstyle designer. (Is that a thing? Boom! It is now.)

What makes me giddy is helping you to create a “wardrobe” of sustainable, streamlined, and stress-free habits that hug your health in all the right spots.

I Get You

You and I both know that there are plenty of unsustainable diets, books, and programs telling you how to lose weight and feel good in a mere 10, 20, 30 days! Maybe you’ve tried 3 or 20 of them. I know I have.

Here’s the thang. Regardless of whether those claims are true (they’re not), the marketing gurus who make these magical claims don’t get *you.*

I do.

I get moms.

I love moms.

And, I believe I’m on this planet to serve moms.

I have invested thousands of hours and “dollahs” (how my little guy says it) studying and understanding what makes us tick, what holds us back, and what allows us to thrive when it comes to our health, motherhood and life (cuz it’s all connected).

The guidance and counsel I offer my readers and clients is razor-sharp focused on the unique needs of moms.

We’re a beautiful, wildly capable group of women who have the power (hello, childbirth? yes, we’ve got power) to transform ourselves, our children, and our families from the inside out. You have the magic inside to unlock a life you love and body you adore.

Diapers, Dinners & Deadlines, Oh My!

Stressed Mother Okay, this all sounds great, you might be saying. But…not possible. Do you see HOW MUCH I am juggling right now? How could I possibly make my health a priority during this season of my life?

The same way you eat an elephant, my friend. ONE BITE A TIME.

I realize you don’t have the bandwidth (or desire) to implement detoxes, prepare complicated meals, or count calories/points.

Don’t worry – you don’t have to do any of those things to feel at home in your body again.

All you have to do is decide that YOU are now in charge of your health and take one baby step at a time to get there. Willpower and white knuckles are not required (woot, woot!).

Caution: Transformation Ahead

As with any powerful drug (in this case the totally legal – yet addicting – drug of transformation), side effects are always possible. I thought I should warn you of what could happen by joining me in this revolution to reclaim your health.

Top 10 Side Effects of Filling up On Life

  1. Loose fitting clothes
  2. More bubble baths
  3. Less guilt
  4. Ninja-like time management skills
  5. Increased energy
  6. Feeling free and chillaxed around food
  7. Caring less what others think
  8. Talking to yourself like a good friend and not a mean girl
  9. More patience with your children
  10. Extra love in your heart

But most of all…

A beautiful, less angry, and more peaceful world in which to raise our children. Because it all starts at home. And if you ask me, it all starts with mom. We have the power to change the world. We just have to claim it, own it, and do something about it. And the first step is taking better care of YOU.

If any of this sounds intriguing to you, I invite you to come on in, click around, and make yourself at home in my little corner of the digital wellness world. (PJs and yoga pants encouraged!)

Also, check out My Philosophy page for a deeper dive into why I’m so passionate about serving you and helping moms reach their fullest potential.

The Extras

I’ve included a few more tidbits about myself just in case you’re here to find out more about my non-blog life. shelly family

  • I love my fam. I’m a very lucky wife to my rockstar hubs, and mom to two beautiful children.
  • I’m a Midwestern girl, born and raised in Ohio.
  • Laughing is my favorite thing to do. I love smart humor and sarcasm is my BFF.
  • My favorite chick flick is Bridesmaids. Runner-up is Wedding Singer.
  • I’m a recovering Target and Amazon Prime addict.
  • I love sand volleyball – it’s my goal to play doubles with my husband again one day soon-ish. Will keep you posted!
  • I’m obsessed with Matcha green tea. You’ll hear more about that magical potion in a blog post at some point.

God is good, and life is a beautiful mystery. I love it. And, I’m so honored to have you along for the ride.