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The 5 Steps to End Sugar Addiction

I am honored to introduce you to Alegra Loewenstein who is giving you the scoop on how to end sugar addiction through these doable and effective strategies! 

Habits are an essential part of being human. It is how we manage the immense number of decisions we have to make every day. Habits help us get things done efficiently. Habits often help us maintain our health, perform in a career, and create social relationships we enjoy!

But of course, the flip side of a habit is the dreaded BAD habit!!! Why do we have bad habits? We have bad habits because, in the beginning, they aren’t bad. I truly believe that to be true of any habit that we have.

Or at least that the BENEFIT of the habit is WORTH the cost. Total good is greater than total bad. For a while.

Habits surrounding sugar definitely fall into this pattern. For most people, when we are young, and our metabolism is strong, and our bodies can recover quickly from just about anything, we can eat a lot of sugar without negative consequence.

And imagine for a moment ALL the positive associations we have with sugar!!! From every birthday party, we’ve ever celebrated to rewards for good grades as kids, to parties, holidays, and basically every positive social gathering. All these things are imbued with sweets.

So, yes, sweets are a positive experience! Sweet have major emotional, social, and even biological benefits. Sweets do make us feel good after all, and this is an actual biological reaction.

And yet, the relationship between you and sugar and start to evolve over time. It can change from a fun celebration to an all too often treat, to a crutch to lift us up when we are down, to a true addiction – repeated consumption of sugar despite excessive costs.

So what are the costs? Costs can range from extra weight you just can’t seem to shed, to acute health problems as I suffered (recurring throat and lung infections that tested negative on all labs), to feeling guilt and shame when we eat ANY sweets at all, to name a few.

Basically, if you feel and for any reason because of eating sugar, and you want to stop but feel like you can’t, then the costs outweigh the benefits, and you are addicted.

Now, I don’t throw around the word addicted to make you feel bad! Addiction is really just a habit that is no longer serving and that you are having a hard time changing.

So, let’s get to the nitty gritty! How do change your sugar habit??? It is essentially a five-step process.

  1. Increase Awareness
  2. Identify Conflict
  3. Create Alternatives
  4. Get Support
  5. Be Persistent!

First, you have to start paying attention to when and what triggers you to eat sugar. For example, end of a stressful day, do you unwind with a bag of candies or a few cookies or pastries?

Second, you have to identify conflict within yourself. You want the cake, but you don’t want the cake. It might take some exploring to really figure out what is going on here. Be HONEST about the benefits you are getting, because the benefits are solving a need you have, such a stress relief.

Third, you have to create a list of alternatives. What ELSE can help you satisfy the need? If it’s stress relief, would taking a bath be a better choice? W hat about making a cup of tea?

Fourth you need support. Whether you enlist your partner or best friend to get on board or whether you hire professional support in the form a health coach or other trained professional, your success relies on others normalizing and encouraging your NEW habits!

Finally, you have to be persistent. Changing habits takes time, and if you miss a day, be sure to forgive yourself. Acknowledge the need you were fulfilling and ask yourself what better way to do it next time.

If you need more help breaking a sugar habit, then I challenge you to start by IDENTIFYING when/where you tend to binge or over consume sugar, and then make a pros and cons list for that habit. Once you identify the true COSTS and the specific NEEDS being met, you can look for alternatives.

If you’ve tried to lose weight or quit sugar in the past and have not been able to succeed, be sure to sign up for my webinar: The Top 5 Weight Loss Mistakes… and How to Fix Them!

Alegra Loewenstein helps women to give up the sugar and more importantly give up the guilt in her program, Love Every Bite.

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